Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Baby Baby Food (Part One)

So I am all about saving money so that I have more money to spend of my kids, to save for their future, to save for my future and here are a few ways that I do that!

As you all know, I have a sweet and wonderful (doesn't everyone think their baby is sweet and wonderful, because they are!) four month old little boy. A little back story on my life and how I got to this point. My hunny and I were just dating when we found out I was pregnant. He already had a 10 year old from his first marriage and I was enjoying the freedom of having a job and actually having money. We were far from ready for this blessing but blessing was it ever! I can not imagine my life without my beautiful little boy or my handsome step son but financially it has been far from easy. Here is a list of our biggest struggles and how we dealt with it. I will be making this multiple posts.

1. Feeding a family of 4: So between formula, baby food and feeding the three of us decent food it has been a real challenge and I am always learning. (suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!)The first way I learned to save money was by buying formula on eBay. Some people may stick their nose up at this idea but I do not understand why. Of course I would NEVER give my baby something that had the seal broken when I received it or was tampered with in anyway but if it is factory sealed and not expired then it is no different from buying it in the store. I did and still do breastfeed but upon returning to work it became necessary to supplement with something else. Here is the way I get cheap formula on eBay!

A. Is your baby picky about brand/type?: My baby did not care what type of formula/breast milk was put in his mouth so when I shopped on eBay I looked at all types of formula. I have never tried soy formula but my thought would be that he doesn't care about that either. I just go for what is cheapest. Now of course I am not suggesting you use something that your baby does not take to very well. If your child need sensitive formula, then of course use it! You can still find it cheaper on eBay!

B. How to shop for formula on eBay? Whenever I look for formula on eBay, I always filter search results but auctions ending soonest. This way I see the items that I can bid on and win soon. Normally if you bid on something where the auction is not ending for a few days or even more than an hour or two, you will not win it. I have gotten Emfamil canisters for as little as 2 dollars each. Normally you pay a little more than that but it is absolutely cheaper, even if you are brand loyal.

C. Do the math! Be sure that that you do the math and make sure it is a good deal. Figure out a price in your head that you are not willing to pay more per ounce. Be sure you know if you are talking about ounces of powder or premixed liquid or concentrate. I normally buy power that you must add water too. I do not pay more than 44 cents an ounce of powder when I buy on eBay. As an example, when you buy Similac in bulk from Walmart online, you will pay 1.06 per ounce of power.

In the next post I will talk about how I save money on baby food!

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