Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh Baby having a baby is time consuming!

So my 3 month old is keeping me CRAZY busy and I have neglected this page badly. I am going to get better...promise!

Consignment Sale Suggestion:
I have done very little yard sale shopping recently because I have just been so busy but I did recently participate in a consignment sale and made a pretty penny there. For about three hours worth of work I made about 90 dollars. I figure 30 dollars an hour is pretty decent. I sold most of my stepson's old clothes and some older girls clothes that I picked up at yard sale's and goodwill. they sold really really well! My step sons clothes were size 10-14 and the girls clothes were 8-16. I found that there was a lack of older kids clothes so they sold really well! I would highly suggest buying up larger sizes when you can get them cheap!

I will be starting again with my yard sale hunting next week! I live in Greensboro, NC so if anyone ever knows of any good places to shop in Greensboro let me know!